Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mustang Passion in a Junkyard

Chanced upon an interesting talk on NPR on the way home from a 3-hour shopping at BJ's. (My motivation for putting on the radio was a rather political one: I was seeking an update on the Guam primaries). The program had a 10 minute segment on a person Delonzo Rhynes in Indianapolis, who restores junkyard Mustangs to their original glory.
Delonzo Rhyne collects Mustangs, not as in a collector of Mustangs, but runs a "dumping ground for Mustang", or "a graveyard where Mustangs come to die". From this wreck, he creates new Mustangs and has a new name for the restored Mustangs - "Thunderhawk". Towards the end of his interview, Rhyne laughs. It is a hearty laugh. He laughs as if he can't help himself. He is having lot of fun, he says, and it sure did come across in that interview.
Delnozo's passion for his work left quite an impression with me. Reminds me of the line in Illusions by Richard Bach: The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work. It was good to hear a man in love with his work: Enjoying his work, giving his customers a great product, making money, (the first car sold for $125,000 and the next 2 are ready for around $150,000 each), and having a good laugh too.

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