Saturday, April 24, 2010

Operation 'Trail Cleaning'

Weather-wise, the choice of the day for trail cleaning could not have been better. Joined the group of volunteers for cleaning the ARRT (Assabet River Rail Trail). The team started from Lincoln Street, I joined them at Hudson St and completed the section till Fitchburg St, turned back while the fellow volunteer continued, I hope, till Washington St.)
The picture on the right is one I took yesterday when running. However, today was sunny and not a single speck of cloud in the sky, as you can see in the picture below.
As compared to the number of people running, walking and biking on the trail, the volunteers were few. But then it turned out that there wasn't much trash on the trail and hence not much work.
After the cleaning, I headed to join friends playing tennis-ball cricket on tennis courts. We keep forgetting to bring the SoundDock with us to the ground. Most times we play we have the whole ground (all the 6 tennis courts) to ourselves and we have been talking about having Bhangra music in the background while we play.

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