Monday, April 19, 2010

Today was Boston Marathon

Today was the 114th Boston Marathon and at least a couple of records were broken. Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya won the men's division (2:05:52) and Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia won the women's (2:26:11). (trivia: no American man has won the Boston Marathon since 1983.) Cheruiyot, a 21 year old farmer from Kenya took home $150,000 and an additional $25,000 for breaking the record. "I am going to buy some cows," he said. 
Half-marathons are apparently catching up in the country, winning fans from both categories: new runners as well as those who have run full marathons. This article discusses why it is becoming the fastest growing distance event. (In 2007 there were estimated 500 half-marathon events and 650, 000 finishers. The registration fees being $50 on an average indicates the moolah at stake and an whole industry at work.)
Another article takes the incident of a person selling an entry to Boston Marathon (which is illegal) to discuss why it is so difficult to get into this prestigious race.
Watching the Boston Marathon coverage is making me look forward to two events: 1. Fauja Singh's preparation for the NYC marathon this year. If he finishes, then at 99 he will be the oldest person to run a marathon. 2) The second event is the piddly 13.1 Boston, a half-marathon coming up in the last week of June that I intend to run. Ahem.

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