Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Point of View from Balcony

Lounging in the balcony
       Seventh floor from ground,
Above all the cacophony
       With tree-tops to surround,
On higher ground and looking high
I am lost in the evening sky.

Clouds on the dusky screen,
       Birds chirp with Dolby effect;
The breeze too is cool and clean
       The settings are just perfect,
As Nature plays the show for me
And for all those who care to see.

But roof tops on the horizon
       Antennae and water tanks,
Block the view of setting sun
       And cut my note of thanks;
An intermission, it is I find,
That Nature never designed.

It is the handiwork of man
       Who, in trying to emulate
The creator - but never can,
       Realizes it only too late
That with all his intelligent toys
He builds less but more destroys.

Cutting trees and blasting rocks
       A crime each one of us abets,
Making concrete jungle that blocks
       The wind and serene sunsets;
Blue blocked by gray, earth stripped of green,
We experience Nature on the plasma screen.

Concrete pavements, roads tarred,
       Narrow alleys of brick-mortar walls,
A decent view of nature is barred
       For those seated in the lower stalls;
And sky-gazing the flick
They end up with a crick.

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